This listing combines the listings from the last dozen years in our club magazines and catalog up-dates. Most of the books listed here are not specifically related to Westerns and Serials, but are books we have in stock for some reason. Others we have confirmed that the items listed here are still available according to the current catalog and/or internet listings of the sources - most of those are published by McFarland. . The descriptions also come from the sources – the publishers and distributors of the items listed. These items can all be ordered through our fan club. We will continue to update our comprehensive listing on our webpage at http://www.normankietzer.com/bother.html

$40.00 – The Ages of Superman: Essays on the Man of Steel in Changing Times - Edited by Joseph J. Darowski - notes, bibliography, index, 246pp. softcover (6 x 9) Published in 2012 by McFarland - Since Superman first appeared on the cover of Action Comics #1 in 1938, the superhero has changed with the times to remain a relevant icon of American popular culture. This collection explores the evolution of the Superman character and demonstrates how his alterations mirror historical changes in American society. Beginning with the original comic book and ending with the 2011 Grounded storyline, these essays examine Superman’s patriotic heroism during World War II, his increase in power in the early years of the Cold War, his death and resurrection at the end of the Cold War, and his recent dramatic reimagining. By looking at the many changes the Man of Steel has undergone to remain pertinent, this volume reveals as much about America as it does about the champion of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. About the Author: Joseph J. Darowski, a professor of English at Brigham Young University-Idaho, has published work on comic book superheroes such as the X-Men, Green Lantern, and Superman and is the author or co-editor of several books.

$40.00 – The Ages of Wonder Woman: Essays on the Amazon Princess in Changing Times - Edited by Joseph J. Darowski - notes, bibliographies, index, 248pp. softcover (6 x 9) – Published in 2014 by McFarland - Created in 1941 by the psychologist William Marston, Wonder Woman would go on to have one of the longest continuous runs of published comic book adventures in the history of the industry. More than 70 years after her debut, Wonder Woman remains a popular culture icon. Throughout the intervening years many comic book creators have had a hand in guiding her story, resulting in different interpretations of the Amazon Princess. In this collection of new essays, each examines a specific period or storyline from Wonder Woman comic books and analyzes that story in regard to contemporary issues in American society. About the Editor: Joseph J. Darowski, a professor of English at Brigham Young University-Idaho, has published work on comic book superheroes such as the X-Men, Green Lantern, and Superman and is the author or coeditor of several books.

$39.95 -- The Allied Artists Checklist: The Feature Films and Short Subjects of Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, 1947–1978 by Len D. Martin - 81 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 232 pages (6 x 9) 2001 [1993] Allied Artists Pictures Corporation was formed in November 1946 by Monogram Pictures Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary to handle production and distribution of the high budget films. This is a complete filmography of Allied Artists’ 452 feature films and short subjects. Each entry gives date of release, running time, genre (western, war, drama, mystery, etc.), production credits, cast, a brief plot synopsis, and a notes section showing items of special interest. Thoroughly indexed.

$4.00 -- America on the Rerun: TV Shows That Never Die by David Story - Popular series such as "Gilligan's Island," "Get Smart," "The Brady Bunch," and "Mr. Ed" are relived through memorable episodes and revealing anecdotes in this tribute that features exclusive interviews and hundreds of photos.  239 pages -Publisher: Citadel Press (1993)  

$39.95 -- The American International Pictures Video Guide by Gary A. Smith - Foreword by Mark McGee -137 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 223 pages (7 x 10) - Published in 2009 by McFarlaand - American International released a tide of low-budget, sensationalistic films aimed at the teenage audience, finding its greatest success in the horror genre. This is a comprehensive alphabetical guide to AIP movies that are or have been available in home viewing formats such as DVD and VHS. A brief history of the company, which produced movies from the 1950s until the 1980s, is provided. AIP television and unfilmed projects are also covered, and numerous photographs complement the text.

$39.95 -- American Science Fiction Television Series of the 1950s: Episode Guides and Casts and Credits for Twenty Shows by Patrick Lucanio and Gary Coville = 70 photos, bibliography, indexes, 261pages, (7 x 10) 2007 [McFarland] As Americans grappled with the real problems of the atomic age in the 1950s, the science fiction television series provided escapist fare. At first essentially fantasy and adventure, the shows reflected the progress of the decade, using in the late 1950s extrapolations from the theories and findings of true science. From Adventures of Superman to World of Giants, this reference work covers all science fiction television series of the 1950s. A lengthy essay details character development, technical innovations, critical commentary and other matters. The episode guides that follow first provide primary cast and production credits for the entire season and then coverage of each individual episode, with title, airdate, writer, director, and a plot synopsis. Much of the information was derived from actual viewing, and many errors from other works are corrected here. About the Authors: Patrick Lucanio lives in Springfield, Oregon. Gary Coville has written on Jack the Ripper and coauthored several books on film and television. He lives in Dallas, Oregon. 

$39.95 -- AN ANALYTICAL GUIDE TO TELEVISION'S BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - by John Kenneth Muir - photos, notes, bibliography, appendices, index, 244 pages,  (6 x 9) 2005 [McFarland] When the space drama Battlestar Galactica debuted on ABC in 1978, it was expected to be the most popular new program of the year. Instead, it was attacked as a Star Wars rip-off and canceled after a mere 17 stories. The author acknowledges the show was full of dramatic clichés and scientific inaccuracies, but despite these shortcomings, Battlestar Galactica was a dramatically resonant series full of unique and individual characters, such as Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) and ace warrior Captain Apollo (Richard Hatch). 
The author contends that Battlestar Galactica was a memorable attempt to make science fiction accessible to mainstream television audiences. The brilliant work of artist John Dykstra brought a new world of special effects to network television. Battlestar Galactica also skillfully exploited legends and names from both the Bible and ancient mythology, which added a layer of depth and maturity to the weekly drama. About the Author: John Kenneth Muir is the author of more than 20 reference books covering science fiction and horror on film and television. He is creator of the Internet sci-fi series The House Between (www.thehousebetween.com) and his popular blog can be found at reflectionsonfilmandtelevision.blogspot.com. 

$35.00 -- Arthurian Legends on Film and Television by Bert Olton - 42 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 351 pages (7 x 10) 2009 [2000] McFarland - The Arthurian legends are a crucial part of Western culture. With their enduring themes, archetypal characters, and complex plots, it is not surprising that the stories of Camelot should find their way into films and television programs. From the moody (Excalibur) to the looney (“Knighty Knight Bugs”), more than 250 entries give complete credits, synopses, and analyses. Included are works based solely on Arthur and his literary origins and works that feature other figures, like Galahad, Percival, and the operatic favorites Tristan and Isolde. Also included are animated films, parodies like Monty Python’s, films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Arthurian themes, and television series with Arthurian episodes such as Babylon 5 and MacGyver. Operatic and dramatic works recorded for film and television (like Camelot) are also covered. About the Author: A former journalist and photographer, Bert Olton is a member of the International Arthurian Society. He is a freelance writer living in New York. 

$3.00 – The Black Hole by Walt Disney Productions is a 41 page hardcover children's storybook od the Disney hit movie of the same name' This book was published by Random Hoouse in 1991 and sold for $5.00 at the time.

$35.00 -- The Burroughs Cyclopædia - Characters, Places, Fauna, Flora, Technologies, Languages, Ideas and Terminologies Found in the Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Clark A. Brady - appendices, bibliography, index, 408pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2005 [1996] McFarland - Edgar Rice Burroughs was not satisfied with creating characters and events within the world that we know; instead he created whole new worlds for histories, and he filled them with peoples, languages, cities, wars, plants, machines, and monsters that were believable to the reader, yet still alien and fantastic enough to thrill and delight. From A-Kor, the keeper of the Towers of Jetan in Manator, through Zytheb, one of the priests of Brulor in Ashair, this is a comprehensive reference to the fantastic worlds of Burroughs. Each entry provides a complete definition, along with a reference to the book in which the entry appeared. For terms, the language, either actual (e.g., Latin and French) or Burroughs-created (e.g., The Tongue of the Great Ape or Pal-ul-don), from which it was derived is given. About the Author: Reference librarian Clark A. Brady lives in LaPlace, Louisiana.

$34.95 – The Case Files of the Oriental Sleuths: Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, and Mr. Wong by David Rothel - During the golden age of magazine fiction, motion pictures, and radio-roughly the 1920s through the late 1940s-three Oriental crime fighters were introduced to the American public. Through the media which they inhabited they became fictional icons in American popular culture: Honolulu Police Inspector Charlie Chan, International Secret Agent Mr. I. A. Moto, and Justice Department Agent Mr. James Lee Wong-commonly known as the Oriental Sleuths. Created by respected authors Earl Derr Biggers, Pulitzer Prize-winner John P. Marquand, and Hugh Wiley, the three Oriental sleuths' adventures first appeared in popular magazines and then were quickly snapped up by Hollywood to sate the appetites of film-goers for detective thrillers on the silver screen. Charlie Chan carried his case loads over into radio, television, newspaper comic strips, comic books, Better Little Books, and games. Mr. Moto followed with radio adventures and a graphic novel, and Mr. Wong added comic book exploits to his résumé. Now author David Rothel brings all three Oriental sleuths together for the first time in one volume as he examines their origins and covers their development in all the media forms they encompassed through the years. 326 pages - Publisher: BearManor Media (May 18, 2011)

$46.50 -- CHARLIE CHAN AT THE MOVIES - by Ken Hanke is a 288 page hardcover book (library binding) that presents a complete history, filmography, and criticism of each and every movie of the famous film detective Charlie Chan. Biographies of the three most famous Chans (Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, and Roland Winters) are included. In depth feature on each movie and plenty of photographs. We found the comments of Keye Luke (about the films in which he played the son) to be a very welcome addition to the book. Published in 1989 by McFarland

$39.95 -- The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia by Howard M. Berlin - 88 photos, references, index, 384 pages (7 x 10) 2005 [2000] McFarland - The first film featuring Charlie Chan, The House Without a Key, appeared in 1925. Forty-seven films and six Charlies later, the series still delights audiences. Charlie Chan connoisseurs cite a variety of reasons for the honorable detective’s longevity and appeal, ranging from his wit and personality to the films’ fascinating casts that often included future celebrities. This encyclopedia contains over 1,900 entries for characters, actors, crew members, plot devices, and facts, as well as film summaries and Charlie’s famous aphorisms. Photographs accompany the text and the entries are arranged alphabetically for easy reference and access. Practically anything a fan of these films might want to know is thoroughly analyzed here. About the Author: Retired college professor and inventor Howard M. Berlin lives in Wilmington, Delaware. He holds three United States patents for his inventions and is the author of over 30 books on diverse subjects, including cinema and numismatics. He has been collecting coins and banknotes of the Palestine Mandate for over two decades, has exhibited his collection widely, winning numerous awards. He is a member of the Numismatic Literary Guild. 

$35.00 -- CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS - by Donald F. Glut. In this work Don Glut covers nine of the greatest screen monsters and fiends - the Wolf Man, Dr. Jekyll (and his alter ego Mr. Hyde), the Invisible Man, the Mummy, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, King Kong & Godzilla. With a chapter on each, Glut tells the complete story - in legend. literature, theatre, motion pictures, radio, TV, records, and comic books. This 442 clothbound hardcover was published in 1978 by Scarecrow Press

$4.00 -- Classic Screwball Comedies (Hollywood Bedlam) – November, 1994 - by William K. Everson - 253 pages - Publisher: Citadel Press - 

$49.95 -- Classics Illustrated: A Cultural History, 2d ed. - by William B. Jones, Jr. - 357 photos (48 in color), appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 416pp. hardcover (8.5 x 11) 2011 - A significant expansion of the critically acclaimed first edition, Classics Illustrated: A Cultural History, 2d ed., carries the story of the Kanter family’s series of comics-style adaptations of literary masterpieces from 1941 into the 21st century. This book features additional material on the 70-year history of Classics Illustrated and the careers and contributions of such artists as Alex A. Blum, Lou Cameron, George Evans, Henry C. Kiefer, Gray Morrow, Rudolph Palais, and Louis Zansky. New chapters cover the recent Jack Lake and Papercutz revivals of the series, the evolution of Classics collecting, and the unsung role of William Kanter in advancing the fortunes of his father Albert’s worldwide enterprise. Enhancing the lively account of the growth of “the World’s Finest Juvenile Publication” are new interviews and correspondence with editor Helene Lecar, publicist Eleanor Lidofsky, artist Mort Künstler, and the founder’s grandson John “Buzz” Kanter. Detailed appendices provide artist attributions, issue contents and, for the principal Classics Illustrated–related series, a listing of each printing identified by month, year, and highest reorder number. New U.S., Canadian and British series have been added. More than 300 illustrations—most of them new to this edition—include photographs of artists and production staff, comic-book covers and interiors, and a substantial number of original cover paintings and line drawings. About the Author: Writer, attorney, and college instructor William B. Jones, Jr., lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Published by McFarland.

$4.00 -- Classics of the Gangster Film by Robert Bookbinder (1985 - Citadel Press) 254 pages; A comprehensive retrospective of more than fifty years of this type of film. Impressively and abundantly illustrated.

$4.00 -- Classics of the Horror Film: From the Days of the Silent Film to the Exorcist by William K.  Everson, A 8½ x 11 pictorial history book - 217 pages - Published in 1974 by The Citadel Press.

$49.95 – The Columbia Checklist - The Feature Films, Serials, Cartoons and Short Subjects of Columbia Pictures Corporation, 1922–1988 by Len D. Martin - appendices, bibliography, index, 647 pages, (6 x 9 in 2 vols.) 2007 [McFarland] From its beginnings in the 1920s, Columbia Pictures Corporation has churned out an enormous variety of material, wide ranging in quality, subject matter and length. It has also served as a major distributor for foreign and domestically produced independent works. This thorough reference documents the studio’s 2,371 feature length films, 57 serials, 596 cartoons and 76 miscellaneous short subjects. Release date, running time, major technical personnel, cast, and brief synopsis, when available, are given for each. Appendices list Columbia’s movie series, Western series and stars, Academy Awards, and the studio’s comedy shorts and their main stars. Complete name index.

$5.00 --Comic Book Heroes: 1001 Trivia Questions About America's Favorite Superheroes, from the Atom to the X-Men by Robert W. Bly (1996) Quiz-time kids! What is The Green Lantern Oath? What does Superman's real name (Kal-El) mean in Kryptonese? What movie did Bruce Wayne's parents take him to see on the night that the thug Joe Cahill shot them to death? Test your Comics knowledge with these and 1,098 other comic trivia questions about comic heroes from the Atom to the X-Men. Publisher: Citadel Press - 192 pages - l Description: 8.25 H x 0.75 D x 5.50 W inches 0.55 lbs.

$25.00 -- Comic Book Heroes of the Screen – October, 1991 - by William Schoell  - An in-depth, lively look at the favorite, larger-than-life hero movies and the comic books and strips which inspired them, this book covers film and television programs, old-time serials, comic books of the '30s and '40s, as well as the hip, controversial comics of today. Photographs and illustrations throughout. Description:    239 pages, 11.75 H x 0.75 D x 9.00 W inches 2.40 lbs. Publisher: Citadel Press

$4.00 -- The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows 1946-Present by Tim Brooks & Earle Marsh. This 850 page book contains alphabetically arranged entries for more than 2,500 prime time network television programs, including each program's complete broadcasting history, cast, credits. and plot synopses. Also program schedule charts for each year, top rated shows, Emmy award winners, a complete index of more than 7,000 personalities and performers. Book copyright from 1979, therefore the book's "present" title means the information only goes up to 1979. Published by Ballentine Books.  

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Alfred Hitchcock by Robert A. Harris and Michael S. Lasky (1976 Carol Publishing) 249 pages - The book is very organized, set up in chronilogical order, ranging from 1922-1976. It is also divided up into eras; The Early Years, Becoming the Master of Suspense, The Selznick Years, The Technicolor, Vista-Vision and 3-D Years, The Television Interlude, and the Mature Years. Every movie that Alfred Hitchcock made is in this book ranging from his silent era to Family Plot. The information provided on all movies includes the title, year it was released, cast, summary, and behind-the scenes details and pictures (all black and white) from that film (each film averaging 5-6 pages). The Complete Films of Alfred Hitchcock also includes his televisions series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The book concludes with a list of all awards and honors that were given to Hitchcock for his most creative work, and a list of every cameo appearance he made in his films.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Cary Grant by Donald Deschner  (1973)  This book chronicles the life and 50 year career of superstar Archie Leach, aka Cary Grant including such films as "Bringing up Baby" in 1938, "The Philadelphia Story" in 1940 and "North by Northwest" in 1959. 277 pages - Published by Lyle Stuart. 

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Cecil B. Demille by Gene Ringgold and Dewitt Bodeen (1961 Carol Publishing Group) Covers all the films of the famous director. 377 pages.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Clark Gable  by Gabe Essoe - Publisher: Citadel [1990] Summarizes the plots of movies featuring Clark Gable and surveys his life and acting career. Description: 253 pages, 11.00 H x 0.75 D x 9.00 W inches 1.80 lbs.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Humphrey Bogart (Nov 1994) by Clifford McCarty and Lauren Bacall -  It's a book that gives an overview of Bogart's films along with plenty of pictures. 192 pages -Publisher: Citadel 

$4.00 - The Complete Films of Ingrid Bergman by Lawrence J. Quirk - Publisher: Citadel (1989) Pictorial tribute to the stage and film achievements of the internationally-acclaimed actress includes casts, plot synopses and reviews. Description: 241 pages, 11.00 H x 0.75 D x 8.50 W inches 1.80 lbs.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy – by Philip Castanza -  223 pages
Publisher: Citade1 1976 - With this book you can learn about every single one of the movies they made together and separately. Each film is covered in great detail from the plot to the songs to the behind-the-scenes stories. The photos in this book are stunning - many are full page and many I had never seen before.

The Complete Films Of Laurel & Hardy (Citadel Film Books) by William K. Everson - All 99 Laurel and Hardy comedies, from early two-reelers through classic shorts and great features, are fully documented with cast-lists, credits and plot outlines. 400 photos - 223 pages. 

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of the Marx Brothers by Allen Eyles - Publisher: Citadel (1992) Description: 223 pages,  11.00 H x 1.00 D x 8.50 W inches 1.60 lbs. Covers all the films of this famous group.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of Spencer Tracy by Donald Deschner - Publisher: Citadel {1967}Description: 253 pages, 11.25 H x 1.00 D x 8.50 W inches 1.60 lbs. Covers all of his films.

$4.00 -- The Complete Films of William Powell by Lawrence J. Quirk - Publisher: Citadel [1986] Provides plot summaries, cast, credits, and review excerpts for each of Powell's films including the early silent roles, and includes an overview of his career.  Description: 254 pages, 1.00 H x 0.75 D x 8.50 W inches 1.80 lbs.

$39.95 -- Count Dracula Goes to the Movies - Stoker’s Novel Adapted, 1922–2003, 2d ed. by Lyndon W. Joslin - 81 photos, bibliography, discography, index, 280pp. (7 x 10) 2006 McFarland - The world’s most famous vampire is naturally hard to kill. Over and over, Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been adapted for the screen, with widely varying degrees of accuracy and success. Interpretations have ranged from cadaverous and creepy (Max Schreck in Nosferatu, 1922) to elegant (Lugosi and his imitators) to bizarre (Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992). But has Stoker’s vampire ever been portrayed as the author intended? Here is the updated edition of Lyndon Joslin’s acclaimed 1999 guide to the films based on Stoker’s novel. Covered in detail for the first time are Drakula Istanbul’da (1953); Dracula (1969); Dracula 2000 (2000); Dracula’s Curse (2002); and Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2003). Also new to this edition is complete cast and credit information for the Dracula series films from Universal and Hammer as well as for the “Shadows of Stoker” films—i.e., those that clearly borrow from Stoker without citing the source. With photographs, bibliography, and index. 
About the Author: Radio broadcast professional Lyndon W. Joslin lives in Houston, Texas. Previously a news reporter, he is also a freelance copy editor.

$39.95 -- Crime Fighting Heroes of Television- Over 10,000 Facts from 151 Shows, 1949–2001 by Vincent Terrace - appendices, index, 226pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2002 McFarland - Superheroes and characters who fight crime by extraordinary means have populated the television airwaves from the beginning. This broad-ranging reference contains a trove of information on shows featuring such characters as Superman and Black Scorpion to programs like The A-Team and Knight Rider. Regular police and detective shows have been excluded. Alphabetical entries on 125 network, cable and syndicated series broadcast from 1949 to 2001, plus 26 pilot films, deliver information about story premises, characters, and myriad elements that add flavor and interest to the shows, as well as cast listings and broadcast data. A handy index of performers is included as well as appendices listing the crime fighting superheroes and machines that appear in the programs. About the Author: Vincent Terrace has worked as a researcher for ABC television and is the television historian for BPOLIN Productions (an independent film and television producing company for which he has created a projected television series called "April’s Dream"). He has written more than 30 books, many about television and radio

 - is a book containing full color photos of 376 movie posters from silent films to the present day. Published in 1997 by Bruce Hershenson and available through our fan club for

$4.00 -- CULT MOVIES - by Danny Peary is a 402 page large 8½ x 11" book with in depth chapters on 100 films from the silent era to the present that fans see again and again. Just a few of those included are: Billy Jack, House of Wax, Johnny Guitar, The Maltese Falcon, Man of the West, Rebel Without a Cause, Rio Bravo, Tarzan and His Mate, The Wild Bunch, and ninety more. There are over 400 photos in this Delta Book published by Dell in 1981.
Price reduced to $4.00

$4.00 -- Cult Science Fiction Films: From the Amazing Colossal Man to Yog : The Monster from Space (Citadel Film Series 1995) by Welch D. Everman - This text is a celebration of 75 of the weirdest and wildest science fiction films which have attracted cult followings. By defining the sci-fi film as the realm of the "not yet", the book's selected movies deal in interplanetary, intergalactic and time travel, androids, and futuristic medical or surgical techniques. Famous, and infamous, actors and actresses are to be found in amongst the androids and space ships: Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark in "The Swarm", Richard Burton in "The Medusa Touch", Dana Andrews in "The Frozen", and Barry Sullivan in "Planet of the Vampires". While some of these films are genuine thrillers and others are simply ludicrous, all have that cult appeal. This book should appeal to all fans of way-out movies and science fiction. It details the films, complete with casts, credits, production notes and photographs. 

$25.00 -- DARK CITY: THE FILM NOIR - by Spencer Selby (263 page paperback) is the most complete reference to the dark 40s and 50s stylistic dramas (twice the coverage of competition). The first section has a lengthy analytical essay as well as detailed plot descriptions and credits for 25 classics--such as The Maltese Falcon, Laura, and Detective Story. The second section is an annotated filmography including major credits and short descriptions on nearly 500 films. Also included are appendices listing every film noir by both director and chronological order, off-genre noirs, and other films bearing important relationships to the noir cycle. Published in 1984 by McFarland - Source: Amazon (USED)

$10.00 -- Dick Tracy: America's Most Famous Detective by Chester Gould is a 224 page book with over 100 illustrations covering the entire career of the man who created Tracy and who penned the comic strip in newspapers for 46 years including coverage of Tracy's serial and feature appearance in movies. Published in 1987 by The Citaedel Press. (USED)

$35.00 -- Dick Tracy and American Culture - Morality and Mythology, Text and Context = by Garyn G. Roberts - Forewords by Max Allan Collins, Jean O’Connell and Dick Locher - 163 photos, bibliography, index, 350 pages, (7 x 10) [1993 McFarland] In October 1931, Dick Tracy made his debut on the pages of the Detroit Mirror. Since then America’s most famous crime fighter has tangled with a variety of protagonists from locations as diverse as the inner city and outer space, all the time maintaining the moral high ground while reflecting American popular culture. Through extensive research and interviews with Chester Gould (the creator of “Dick Tracy”), his assistants, Dick Locher (the current artist), Max Allan Collins (who scripted the stories for more than 15 years) and many others associated with the strip, Dick Tracy as a cultural icon emerges. The strips use of both innovative and established police methods and the true-to-life portrayals of Tracy’s family and fellow cops are detailed. The artists behind the strip are fully revealed and Dick Tracy paraphernalia and the 1990 movie Dick Tracy are discussed. Dick Tracy’s appearances in other media—books, comics, radio, movie serials, “B” movies, television dramas, and animated cartoons—are fully covered.

$10.00 (USED) Didn't You Used to Be What's His Name? by Denny Miller - Publisher: To Health With You (2004) Pages:203 - Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d) A large format perfect-bound paperback book, extremely well illustrated with interesting photographs. This unique book is part memoir, part anecdotal raconteurism and part philosophy gleaned from Denny Miller's fascinating life in show business and athletics. Miller starred as Tarzan the Ape-man, and has had outstanding roles in many other films. Other featured appearances were in Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie, MASH, Dallas, Lonesome Dove, Wagon Train and numerous other western films. All this and much, much more are superbly told in this fun-filled, informative and well-written book. A featured bonus is Coach John Wooden' "Pyramid of Success" fold-out chart within the book.

$19.99 -- Edgar Rice Burroughs - The Exhaustive Scholar’s and Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography of American Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback, and Reprint Editions by Robert B. Zeuschner - Foreword by Philip Jose Farmer - 46 photos, appendices, bibliographies, index, 299pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2007 [1996] McFarrland - In creating some of the most enduring characters in 20th century literature, Burroughs (1875–1950) left a complex bibliographic record of editions, and a long chain of fascinated collectors. The present reference work details all United States versions of all his works published through 1995. Each listing begins with a description of the first magazine appearance of the story (with full publication data); the first hardcover is then examined in detail, with publisher, date, a complete description of the book’s cover and jacket, print run, price, number of pages, and characteristics that separate it from following editions. Similar information is then provided from all subsequent editions. About the Author: A longtime Burroughs collector, Robert B. Zeuschner lives in Sierra Madre, California. 

$35.00 -- Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan - A Biography of the Author and His Creation by Robert W. Fenton - Foreword by George T. McWhorter - 66 photos, appendices, notes, index, 254pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010 [1967] Like millions of other readers and moviegoers, as a youngster the late Robert W. Fenton loved swinging through the jungle with Tarzan. As an adult his interest was revived when he bought Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original office-estate in Tarzana, California, and began writing a biography of Burroughs. Originally titled The Big Swingers, it was the first full-scale, commercially published account of ERB’s life and work. Here is Fenton’s 1967 biography, back in print, as a wonderful source for a new generation of readers. Burroughs’ early years were far from promising—he was dropped from school, was undistinguished as a cavalryman at Fort Grant, lost out in gold mining, and had little success as a salesman. He knew nothing about writing, but decided to try it anyway—and created Tarzan, one of the most famous characters of all time. A new foreword by George T. McWhorter and new photographs—there are 66 in all—are included. This reprint is published by McFarland. About the Author: Robert W. Fenton wrote articles for Time, published his own newspaper (The European Traveler) and founded Teen Features Syndicate. He died in 1968. 

$49.95 -- Encyclopedia of Early Television Crime Fighters: All Regular Cast Members in American Crime and Mystery Series, 1948–1959 by Everett Aaker - 231 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 671pp. softcover (7 x 10 in 2 vols.) 2011 [2006], Published by McFarland - Any episode of a crime or mystery series involves some or all of the following: the perpetration of a crime; its investigation; the analytical process which involves the determination of the villain; the arrest and trial of the culprit; and the handing out of the appropriate punishment. Such series involving the exploits of a wide variety of courageous heroes and heroines were very popular during the 1950s, and they featured a host of actors and actresses, including famous television detectives (e.g., Raymond Burr), those famous in other genres (e.g., Boris Karloff, Charles Bronson), and over 250 other players with recurring roles. This reference work lists every player who had a regular role in a crime or mystery series during the early era of television. All covered series offered live or filmed episodes of a crime or mystery nature, and all were shown on American television. All series had either regular stars or a recognizable host. Entries cover the player’s real name, family information and education; how the player originally broke into show business; the player’s career preceding the series; and his or her marriage, children, death date, and film and television credits. Appendices provide a catalog of American mystery series and a list of regular mystery series players whose roles began after December 31, 1959. About the Author: Everett Aaker has written reference books on television western actors and actresses of the fifties and early television crime fighters. He was a finalist in the BBC quiz shows Film Buff of the Year and Screen Test in which his specialist subject was George Raft. He lives in England. Other Book by Everett Aaker Available from Westerns And Serials Fan Club: Television Western Players of the Fifties $49.95

$49.95 -- Fantastic Cinema Subject Guide: A Topical Index to 2,500 Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films by Bryan Senn and John Johnson - 139 photos, appendices, index, Published by McFarland 2008 [1992] About 2,500 genre films are entered under more than 100 subject headings, ranging from abominable snowmen through dreamkillers, rats, and time travel, to zombies, with a brief essay on each topic: development, highlights, and trends. Each film entry shows year of release, distribution company, country of origin, director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, cast credits, plot synopsis and critical commentary. About the Authors: Psychometrist Bryan Senn’s work has appeared in Filmfax, Cult Movies, Shivers, Midnight Marquee Press and Monsters from the Vault. He lives in the Pacific Northwest. - John "J.J." Johnson lives in Keizer, Oregon. 

$90.00 -- Famous Movie Detectives by Michael R. Pitts (hardcover) Publisher: Scarecrow Press (1979)
Pitts looks at the celluloid careers of more than three dozen sleuths, including Arsene Lupin, Hercule Poirot, Mike Hammer, Miss Jane Marple, Perry Mason, Philip Marlowe, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes, and The Whistler, and a number of screen gumshoes with brief movie careers and TV detectives. Each chapter highlights a different detective, covering the character's films, the performers who played him or her, the character's image in other media (stage, radio, television, recordings, etc.), plus a detailed filmography and a bibliography of the fictional works about each detective. With additions and corrections to the base volume and scores of photographs. 357 pages - 
Supplier: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc

$95.00 -- Famous Movie Detectives II by Michael R. Pitts (hardcover) Publisher: Scarecrow Press (1991) Pitts looks at the celluloid careers of more than three dozen sleuths, including Arsene Lupin, Hercule Poirot, Mike Hammer, Miss Jane Marple, Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, and The Whistler. 349 pages Supplier: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc

$95.00 -- Famous Movie Detectives III by Michael R. Pitts (hardcover) Publisher: Scarecrow Press (2004) This book not only includes chapters on more than twenty new screen sleuths but also updates information on several detectives included in the first two volumes of Famous Movie Detectives. Author Michael Pitts also provides new material on sleuths in silent films and serials, as well as a listing of radio and television detective programs. 399 pages - Supplier: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc

$75.00 -- FEMME NOIR - THE BAD GIRLS OF FILM - by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. forty-nine stars (including Stanwyck, Tierney, Crawford, Peggy Castle, Hope Emerson and Helen Walker) receive biographies with filmography of noir appearances (643 pages)

$4.00 -- The Films of Al Pacino by William Schoell (Citadel Film Series 1995) 233 pages - Covers his life and career up to the time the book was written. 

$4.00 -- The Films of Anthony Quinn by Alvin H. Marrill (Author), Arthur Kennedy (Foreword)  This 256 page 8½ by 11 book contains a complete filmography with cast, credits and synopsis of the Quinn movies from 1936 to 1974. It includes over 400 photos, Published in 1975.

$4.00 – The Films Of Arnold Schwarzenegger by John L. Flynn (1993 Carol Publishing) 256 pages - A critical look at all of Schwarzenegger's films, including his laughable debut, Hercules in New York (1973). The best Schwarzenegger films--such as the two Conan epics, drawn from the work of pulp fantasist Robert E. Howard--tap deep, primitive myths of warriors and their quests, Flynn says. Whether or not that's so, Flynn's portrait of what went on behind the scenes in John Milius' filming of Conan the Barbarian is very good indeed. Details concerning the filming and reception of the two Terminator movies, Running Man, and Total Recall are also here. 

$4.00 -- The Films of Bette Davis by Gene Ringgold - This 191 page book was published in 1966 by Citadel Pressw.
It includes a complete record the Davis films with cast, credits synopsis and critical review of each film. Also hundreds of photos

$39.95 -- The Films of Betty Grable by Ed Hulse. Paperback: 189 pages, Dimensions: 0.5 x 8.5 x 11 inches, Weight: 1.2 pounds, over 200 photos. Cast, credits, synopsis, review, production notes, and comments on her films. Publisher: Riverwood Press (1996) 

$4.00 -- The Films of Bing Crosby by Robert Bookbinder (1977 Citadel Press) 256 pages, More than 400 photographs, filmography, biography.

$4.00 -- The Films of Boris Karloff by Richard Bojarski and Kenneth Beals (1974 Citadel Press) Boris Karloff, the English-born actor who brought life to Mary Shelly's words - and chilling death on the screen - appeared in over 150 films over 50 years. The soft-spoken actor, whose lisping accent was a stock commodity in every impressionist's repertoire, was one of the few screen actors billed by his last name only.His performance as the Monster in 'Frankenstein' and similar roles made his very name synonomous with 'horror,' a term he disliked. Like his famous contemporaries, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr., Karloff's off-screen self was the antithesis of his screen image. Because of his personal, uphill struggle for recognition, he was constantly concerned for his fellow actors' welfare. In the thirties, he helped create the Screen Actor's Guild.  287 pages with over 400 photos and cast, credits, and synopsis of all his films.

$4.00 -- The Films of Burt Reynolds by Nancy Streebeck (1982 Citadel) Very well written & a very good book about Reynold's career through 1982. Ms. Streebeck knows Burt well, & personalizes his life & career so that the reader gets to know him, too. 256 pages

$4.00 -- The Films of Carole Lombard by Frederick C. Ott (1972 Carol Publishing) Filled with photos, both candids and studio stills, the book has a well-written, well-researched biography, reviews of all her films, along with cast & credit lists, release dates and running times. 192 pages, Dimensions: 0.5 x 8.5 x 11.2 inches, Weight: 1.4 pounds

$4.00 -- The Films of Charlie Chaplin – 1965 - by Gerald McDonald, Michael Conway, and Mark Ricci - A 227 page book that includes cast, credits, synopsis, photos, and reviews of all the films of the immortal comedy star. 

$4.00 -- The Films of Charlton Heston by Jeff Rovin (Published by Citadel in 1977) 224 pages - Jeff Rovin has done an outstanding job with this book. Not only does it go in detail about Mr. Heston's films it is loaded with photos.

$4.00 -- Films of Edward G. Robinson by Alvin H. Marill - A filmography of Edward G. Robinson. It records every role in every film, play, radio or TV drama in which he appeared, and is documented with casts, credits, synopses, photographs and production notes. His films included "Key Largo", "Brother Orchid" and "The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse".  256 pages
Publisher: Carol Publishing Group (January 1991)

$4.00 -- The Films of Elizabeth Taylor by Jerry Vermilye and Mark Ricci - Elizabeth Taylor has protrayed a whole array of women over the decades from the beautiful Helen of Troy and Cleopatra to the down-trodden and dumpy Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and Barbara Sawyer in "Ash Wednesday". This book includes all of her most famous films from "National Velvet" to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Giant". Synopses, credits and critiques of each one and photographs of each film are included. 255 pages -Publisher: Citadel Press (1976) 

$4.00 -- The Films of Frank Sinatra by Clifford McCarthy and Gene Ringgold (Citadel 1971) This 249 page book covers the Sinatra films Las Vegas Nights (1941) to Dirty Dingus MaGee (1970) with cast, credits, story, and review. In all there are over 250 photos on 8 1/2 by 11" pages.

$4.00 -- The Films of Federico Fellini by Claudio Fava and Aldo Vigano - Publisher: Citadel Pr Publish Date: 04/01/1988 -  an in-depth examination of Fellini's career, covering all of his films, complete with casts, credits, synopses and production notes. Hundreds of photographs illustrate the text, including stills from all the Fellini films and candid off-camera shots. Among the films presented in the book are 8 1/2, Fellini Satyricon, Juliet of the Spirits and, of course, La Dolce Vita.

$4.00 -- The Films of Gloria Swanson by Lawrence Quirk - Gloria Swanson was an American actress, singer and producer, who is best known for her role as Norma Desmond, a faded silent film star, in the critically acclaimed film Sunset Boulevard (1950). She was one of the most prominent stars during the silent film era as both an actress and a fashion icon, especially under the direction of Cecil B. DeMille, made dozens of silents and was nominated for the first Academy Award in the Best Actress category.Publisher: Citadel Press (April 1988)

$4.00 -- The Films of Gregory Peck by John Griggs - Publisher: Lyle Stuart - 256 pages - Supplier: Carol Publishing Group - 
Copyright Year: 1984 - This book includes cast, credits, synopsis, photos, and reviews of his films.

$4.00 -- The Films of Greta Garbo – 1963 - Publisher: The Citadel Press - by Michael Conway and Dion McGregor and Mark Ricci - A filmography of Greta Garbo. It details all her films, such as Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, Ninotchka and Camille, and includes dozens of stills which provide a record of her career.

$4.00 -- The Films of Henry Fonda by Tony Thomas (1983) - This book includes cast, credits, synopsis, photos, and reviews of his films.

$4.00 -- The Films of Jack Nicholson by Douglas Brode -  A compilation of photographs and movie essays documenting his career. For fans, the volume sends up some astute critical insights and certainly marks the actor's varied role choices from film noir debonair in Chinatown to the Joker in Batman . Perhaps most fun is to compare the early stills in Cry Baby Killer (1958) to the more mature work of, say, The Postman Always Rings Twice . Liberally salted by photos, 288 pages - 1996 - Publisher: Citadel

$4.00 -- The Films of James Cagney – 1974 - by Homer. Dickens - This book is the complete record of Cagney's career, illustrated with hundreds of stills selected from every film he made. The films are presented in chronological arrangement, complete with cast listing, credits, synopses and reviews. The book also contains biographical study of Cagney, the man and the actor, as well as many candid photographs. Supplier: Carol Pub Group 

$4.00 -- The Films of Jane Fonda by George Haddad-Garcia - 1981 Citadel Press, 256 pages. Includes coverage of the actress's film career through "On Golden Pond." Black and white photos / stills throughout. 

$4.00 -- The Films of Kirk Douglas – by Tony Thomas - 287 pages - Publisher: Citadel 1991 - reviews of all his films, along with cast & credit lists, release dates and running times. 

$4.00 -- The Films Of Laurence Olivier (2000) by Jerry Vermilye - Publisher: Citadel - Laurence Olivier portrayed characters that were as diverse as they were memorable. From Hamlet to Heathcliff, from a Nazi dentist in "Marathon Man" to a cunning mystery writer in "Sleuth" his roles made him one of the most highly acclaimed actors of all time. This book celebrates his career, including casts, credits, synopses and production notes from every movie in which he appeared. Photographs illustrate the text, with rare candids borrowed from Olivier collectors. The introduction captures the essence of his private life and not-so-private marriages to Jill Esmond, Viven Leigh and Joan Plowright.

$4.00 -- The Films of Mae West by Jon Tuska - Publisher: Lyle Stuart Publish Date: 12/01/1973 - Stills, photographs, film reviews, and production notes provide a detailed history of Mae West's film career. 191 pages.

$4.00 -- The Films of Marlene Dietrich by Homer Dickens and Jerry Vermilye Paperback: 222 pages - Publisher: Citadel (1992) Presents a review of the films in which Marlene Dietrich was featured together with a short illustrated biography 

$4.00 -- The Films of Marlon Brando by Tony Thomas - Publisher: Citadel (1992) The book covers his film career from his first film, "The Men," released in 1950, through "Last Tango In Paris" which was released in 1972. The book opens, after a short introduction by Pauline Kael, with a fairly detailed discussion of Brando and his career and continues with a chronological, movie by movie, discussion of the films he made during the 22 year scope of the book. Brando's reputation as a stage star was wholly due to his portrayal of the brutish Stanley Kowalski in "A Stretcar Named Desire." His fame as a film star came from his first six films. These were followed by many years of poor film choices and lackluster performances. His career was finally revived by his starring roles as Don Corleone in Mario Puzo's "The Godfather" and of Paul in "Last Tango in Paris." According to Thomas, Brando never fit into the Hollywood lifestyle and was very open in expressing his disdain for both the film industry in general, and for the people who made films. It was interesting to note that, because of Brando's many years of making unsuccessful movies and because of his reputation for "being difficult," when Francis Ford Coppola suggested to Paramount that they cast Brando as Don Corleone in "The Godfather," Coppola was told to forget that idea and to cast someone else in the part. Through subterfuge, Coppola finally got Paramount to accept Brando for the part, but they were unwilling to pay the large fee that he normally demanded., He agreed to a salary of only $100,000 but asked for, and received, a percentage of the gross. With the great success of the film, Brando eventually made millions from this contract. I'm afraid that I've never understood why his performance in "The Godfather" was so critically acclaimed, but I do agree with the book's evaluation of at least three of his early films. These were: "A Streetcar Named Desire" which was written by Tennessee Williams, "On the Waterfront" by Bud Schulberg, and "Viva Zapata" with a screenplay by John Steinbeck. I think that all three had writing that was superior to that found in most Hollywood scripts. This fact, along with Brando's best acting, contributed heavily to their success and, coincidentally, to my enjoyment of them. The reviews in this book are all very well written and give credit to all those who contributed to the success of each film. On the reversie side of the coin, they pull no punches when discussing the mediocrity of many of Brando's films in the 60's. I can recommend this book both for its biographical material and for its discussions of Brando's films. Brando was a very private man who gave very few interviews, so it is really a bonus that this book uncovers a little of the mystery that was Marlon Brando.

$4.00  -- The Films of Montgomery Clift – by Judith M. Kass  -  This book is the complete record of this admired actor's career. A brilliant biographical study recreates his tormented private life and analyzes the screen persona which has immortalized him. 224 pages - Publisher: Citadel Press (1979)

$4.00 -- The Films of Myrna Loy by Lawrence J. Quirk - In the summer of 1980, Myrna Loy celebrated the diamond anniversary of her birth. The same year marked her fifty-fifth year as a film actress. In 1925 she appeared in the first of her hundred and twenty-three films (to the date of the book), and her appearance as Alan King's secretary in 1980's Just Tell Me What You Want shows not the slightest diminuition of her performing talent, her charisma or her audience appeal. No other actress in the annals of the screen has been featured in motion pictures for six decades. In this Miss Loy is truly unique. This book, meticulously researched, is the complete record of her life and career. Every film in which she appeared is documented with casts, credits, reviews and production notes. The actors who appeared opposite Miss Loy are virtually a pantheon of Hollywood's leading players and include Clark Gable, William Powell, Spencer Tracy, Leslie Howard, Robert Taylor and John Barrymore. From an earlier period are Monte Blue, Conrad Nagel, Ramon Navarro, Ronald Colman and Lowell Sherman. Hundreds of photographs, many extremely rare, illustrate the book. The photographs depict Miss Loy in all her many screen personas: the vamp, the inscrutable Oriental lady, the romantic interest of various leading men, the calculating murderer, the perfect wife and the "other woman," to name only a few. Myrna Loy has always kept a low profile in her private life. The biographical portrait which emerges is that of a woman who has dedicated herself not only to her acting craft but to charities and causes advancing public interest in the arts. In February 1980, the National Board of Review awarded Myrna Loy the first David Wark Griffith Award for her spectacular advancement of motion pictures, both silent and sound. 256 pages, Publisher: Citadel Press (November 20, 1980) 

$4.00 -- The Films of Olivia de Havilland by Tony Thomas - Foreword by Bette Davis - This book includes cast, credits, synopsis, photos, and reviews of her films and many photographs on its 255 pages.Publisher: Citadel Press (1983) 

$4.00 -- The Films of Peter Lorre by Stephen D. Youngkin, Jones Bigwood, Raymond Cabana Jr. This book includes cast, credits, synopsis, photos, and reviews of his films. 253 pages - Publisher: Citadel Press (1982)

$4.00 -- The Films of Sherlock Holmes by Chris Steinbrunner and Norman Michaels - This 1978 book catalogs all the known movies that are about Sherlock Holmes to that date, and lists their stories and casts. Well illustrated with screen appearances of the most famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conal Doyle. Published by Lyle Stuart.

$4.00 -- The Films of Shirley Temple by Robert Windeler - Publisher: Citadel [1995] Description:    11.00 H x 0.75 D x 8.50 W inches 1.60 lbs., 256 pages,  Every Temple film is covered, from her War Babies years to Kiss for Corliss, her last around 1950.If you love to see rare pictures, this book shows at least 2 pages for every film she's ever made. 

$4.00 -- The Films of Steve McQueen by Casey St. Charnez - Publisher: Citadel [1984] Provides cast, credits, plot summaries, and review excerpts for each of McQueen's films, and traces his career as an actor - 255 pages.

$4.00 -- Films of the Forties – August, 1990 - by Tony Thomas - 280 pages - Publisher: Citadel Press - A pictorial history of one of the most treasured decades of motion picture history: 1940-1950.

$4.00 -- The Films of Tyrone Power – by Dennis Belafonte  (Author), Alvin H. Marill  (Author), Henry King (Foreword) Tyrone Power - dashing, ingratiating, urbane - became 20th Century-Fox's foremost leading man almost from the first days that Darryl F. Zanuck became head of the company. The Tyrone Power image was that of the clean-cut, honest and aspiring young American. In the light comedies in which he starred during the early years of his career he generally "got the girl." As Power matured, however, he became an actor of force and strength. His performances in Nightmare Alley, Witness for the Prosecution and Abandon Ship met with enthusiastic approval from critics and audiences alike. In the summer of 1958 Tyrone Power was appearing in what proved to be his final role, the character of King Solomon, playing opposite Gina Lollobrigida in Solomon and Sheba. Power collapsed after swordplay with George Sanders. He was rushed to a Madrid hospital, but died within an hour. His death, at forty-four, made headline news around the world. The Films of Tyrone Power represents five years of research by the authors and presents many aspects of the actor's life. Every film in which he acted is recaptured meticulously, along with casts, credits, reviews and production notes. The warm and detailed biographical portrait of the star, his three wives and his many loves, bring him alive, helped by more than four hundred photographs which illustrate the text. The introduction is by Henry King, who directed many of Tyrone Power's greatest hits. 224 pages - 1979 - Publisher: The Citadel Press

$4.00 --  The Films of Warren Beatty by Lawrence J. Quirk - A comprehensive guide to Warren Beatty's many and wide-ranging films, complete with plots, photographs, casts and credits. Films covered include" Splendour in the Grass", "Bonnie and Clyde", "Heaven Can Wait" and "Dick Tracy". Supplier: Carol Pub Group - Copyright Year: 1979 - 222 pages

$35.00 -- THE FRANKENSTEIN CATALOG - by Donald F. Glut is a 420 page hardcover book that contains a comprehensive listing of virtually everything in every type of media concerning the most famous monster of all time. Over 50 photos, this was published in 1984 by McFarland

$35.00 -- The Frankenstein Legend: A Tribute to Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff, by Donald F. Glut - Here is the complete story of Frankenstein's monster in legend, literatture, theatre, motion pictures, radio, television, comic books, toys, and more. A most thorough treatment of the subject. Published in1973 by The Scarecrow Press {372 pages}

$4.00 -- Frankenstein Lives Again! (The New adventures of Frankenstein) by Donald F Glut - After learning that the legendary story of Frankenstein was based on fact, Medical genius Dr. Burt Winslow recovers and resurrects the legendary undead Frankenstein's monster only to unleash a torrent of terror on the unsuspecting world as the monster escapes. Making its way across the European countryside, the monster encounters the psychic circus-master Dartani who wishes to use the creature for his own evil revenge, and brainwashes the creature as a deadly pawn rampaging against innocent villagers. This is the first volume in the New Adventures of Frankenstein horror-adventure series by Donald F. Glut, author of the best selling Star Wars novel: The Empire Strikes Back. Illustrated by Ken Kelly.  157 pages - Published by The Donning Co (1981)

$25.00 -- Grand National, Producers Releasing Corporation, and Screen Guild / Lippert: Complete Filmographies with Studio Histories by Ted Okuda - 55 photos, filmographies, bibliography, indexes, 240 pages, (6 x 9) [1989 McFarland] Throughout the 1930s, 40s and 50s, several independent film production companies (referred to a “poverty row” studios) turned out hundreds of “B” movies—low-budget feature films that were specifically designed to play the bottom half of the double bills. This handy reference focuses on the output of three of these independents—Grand National (1936–1939), Producers Releasing Corporation (1939–1948), and Screen Guild/Lippert (1945–1955). Here are studio histories and details on all their output (title of movie, director, producer, writer, cast, plot, synopsis, running time, release date, and more). Films are covered chronologically by release date. About the Author: Ted Okuda is a Chicago-based film historian whose articles have appeared in such publications as Nostalgia Digest, Filmfax, and Classic Images. 

$10.00 -- The Great Adventure Films by Tony Thomas - A complete study including credits, cast, long synopsis, and stills from 50 top adventure films starting with The Mark of Zorro in 1920, andcontinuing through The Man Who Would Be King in 1975. 282 pages, 8½ x 11 - Published in 1976 by The Citadel Press.

$29.95 -- The Great Radio Heroes, rev. ed. - by Jim Harmon - Forewords by Frank Bresee and Richard A. Lupoff -  photos, notes, bibliography, index, 256pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2001, Published by McFarland - In 1967, Jim Harmon published the first edition of The Great Radio Heroes to great acclaim. Thirty-three years later comes an illustrated, corrected, revised and greatly expanded new edition... Once there was a time—and it was not so long ago—when radio listening, especially to the dramas, was one of the most important events in many a young person’s life. People developed a love affair with the radio, and though the old times are now gone forever, the love affair continues. The heroes and settings of radio drama spurred the imagination to supply its own and much better images than visual media provided. There were no padded shoulders on the Lone Ranger, Superman flew with no jiggly trick photography, and the Martians whom Orson Welles helped attack the Earth were more convincing than anything the movies can provide. For those who have been under the thrall of radio’s alluring call, your new host Jim Harmon provides reminiscences of the heyday of radio programming, with insights on such radio dramas as I Love a Mystery, Gangbusters, The Shadow, Inner Sanctum, Batman and Robin, Superman, Tom Mix, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Adventures by Morse and a couple of dozen more. Photographs, a bibliography, and an index are included to enhance the reader’s journey into a past time when radio was the favorite pastime.

$10.00 -- The Great Romantic Films (1974) by Lawrence J. Quirk -  224 pages - Publisher: Lyle Stuart

$10.00 -- The Great Spy Films by Leonard Rubenstein - A guide to spy films, featuring characters such as Mata Hara, James Bond and the Scarlett Pimpernell - 250 pages - 8½ x 11 - Published in 1979 by The Citadel Press.

$173.00 -- Handbook of Old-Time Radio: A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Age Radio Listening and Collecting by Jon D. Swartz and Robert C. Reinehr - Publisher: Scarecrow Press (1993) Lists more than 2,000 different programs, details of the program's airing, availability, and, where appropriate, story lines. Includes indexes of over 8,000 performers and program titles. Supplier: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc - Physical Description: 806 pages, 8.75 H x 1.75 D x 6.00 W inches 2.40 lbs.

$5.00 -- HEAVENLY DAYS! - The Story of Fibber McGee and Molly by Charles Stumpf and Tom Price is a 334 page book published in 1987 by the Downeys.

$4.00 -- The Incredible World of 007 by Lee Pfeiffer (1992) This wide-ranging look at the James Bond phenomenon includes a film section which consists of a rehash of the plots, behind-the-scenes stories, and recollections of the actors, directors and technicians involved. Further chapters focus on aspects such as the television versions (including the cartoon series), memorabilia and merchandise, the film soundtracks, out-takes, bloopers and gadgetry.  224 pages -Publisher: Citadel 

$9.95 -- INVESTING IN COMICS - by D. W. Howard is the complete investor's guide to collectible comic books by one of the experts in the field. This 184 page book was published in 1988 by Downeys

KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! Volume One  - 1950 - 1957 - By Bill Warren is a 465 page hardcover book published by McFarland in 1982. We have a limited supply of this out of print book that covers science fiction films from 1950 through 1957. - $35.00

KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! - the 1344 page one volume paperback edition published in 1999 that combined the first two volumes of this hard cover reference book set is out of print and no longer available.

$99.00 -- KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties, The 21st Century Edition - By Bill Warren is a 1040 page new expanded edition published in 2010. Long recognized as the definitive reference work on the hundreds of science fiction movies that from 1950 through 1962 terrified and fascinated a generation with zombified teenagers, robots, invading aliens and monsters of every kind, Bill Warren’s Keep Watching the Skies! is greatly expanded in this 21st Century Edition. With new entries on several films, it also revisits, revises and expands the commentary on every film in the 1982 and 1986 two-volume edition. In addition to a detailed plot synopsis, cast and credit listings, and an overview of each film’s critical reception, Warren delivers richly informative assessments of the films and a wealth of insights and anecdotes about their making, often drawing on remarks by the filmmakers that have emerged in the quarter century since the original edition. The book is arranged by film title, contains 273 photographs (many rare, some in color), has seven useful appendices, and concludes with an enormous index. 

$19.99 -- Kings of the Jungle: An Illustrated Reference to “Tarzan” on Screen and Television by David Fury - Foreword by Maureen O’Sullivan - 92 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 270 pages (7 x 10) [1994 McFarland] 
Cast, production credits, release date, and running time are provided for each of the Tarzan films. The plot synopses include the storyline, background information on the making of the film, and contemporary critical commentary. Also examined is Tarzan on television, from the TV movie Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) to the 1991 series. Heavily illustrated. 
About the Author: David Fury is a freelance writer and songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota

$12.00 -- Lassie: A Dog's Life : The First Fifty Years by Ace Collins - Publisher: Penguin Group USA 1993 - 
Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Lassie, this illustrated study traces the story of the beloved canine heroine, discussing her film and TV career, trainer, dog-training tips, Lassie collectibles, and more. Description: 191 pages, 9.00 H x 0.75 D x 7.50 W inches 0.95 lbs.

$4.00 -- Lauren Bacall: Her Films and Career (Carol Publishing 1986) by Lawrence J. Quirk - 192 pages - Details the life and career of this most volatile of actresses, and is illustrated with hundreds of photographs.  

$4.00 -- Lost Films of the Fifties (The Citadel Press Film Series) October, 1988 - by Douglas Brode -  This book is dedicated to the forgotten films of the 1950s. 287 pages

$10.00 -- The M.G.M. Story by J.D. Eames - Packed with over 2,000 photos, this book covers 1,714 films of this great studio. Size 9½ x 12 - 416 pages - Published by Random House.

$4.00 -- Money, Women, and Guns: Crime Movies from Bonnie and Clyde to the Present by Douglas Brode - Publisher: Citadel (1995) Lists the credits and summarizes the plots of crime movies ranging from Bonnie and Clyde to the present - that is when the book was published in 1995.

$4.00 -- More Films of the Thirties (Citadel Film Series) November, 1989 - by Jerry Vermilye - 287 pages - Provides cast, credits, and plot summaries for selected films of the 1930s, including Morocco, The Public Enemy, Scarface, It Happened One Night, Captain Blood, and Topper.

$30.00 --  Movie Song Catalog - Performers and Supporting Crew for the Songs Sung in 1460 Musical and Nonmusical Films, 1928–1988 by Ruth Benjamin and Arthur Rosenblatt - 366 pages, (6 x 9) [1993 McFarland] This is an exhaustive reference volume to the thousands of songs, songwriters and performers in 1,460 American and British films (musical and nonmusical) since the advent of the talkie in 1928. Listed alphabetically by film title, each entry provides full production information on the movie, including the country of origin, year of release, running time, director, musical director, musical score, studio, producer, orchestra or bands featured, music backup, vocalist, (dubber who sang on the soundtrack), and performers. Each song title in the main entry is followed by the name of the performer, lyricist, composer, and, when appropriate, arranger. About the Authors: Ruth Benjamin is a professional writer and lives in New York. The late Arthur Rosenblatt was former vice president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an architect. 

$39.95 -- The Mummy in Fact, Fiction and Film by Susan D. Cowie and Tom Johnson - Foreword by George Hart - 
75 photos, appendix, bibliography, index, 208pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2007 [2002] - In 1922, when Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, much of what was then known about mummies came from the writing of Greek historian Herodotus and from the paintings on the walls of Egyptian tombs. Even before 1922, the mummy had been the subject of fiction, with such writers as Bram Stoker and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tackling the subject, and early films dating back to 1901. In this work, the authors present the religious, social and scientific aspects of mummies as well as an in-depth discussion of facts about them (largely Egyptian, but including other kinds of mummies). Then, how mummies are portrayed in fiction and in the movies is discussed. Stories and films in which the mummy is a focal character are listed. About the Authors: Susan D. Cowie is a retired school principal and part-time tax accountant’s administrator. She’s also an avid Egyptologist and lives in Kent, England. Tom Johnson, author of several books on horror cinema, taught and coached cross country and track for 30 years. He is still involved in the school system and lives in Shillington, Pennsylvania. Published by McFarland

$39.95 -- The Mummy Unwrapped: Scenes Left on Universal’s Cutting Room Floor by Thomas M. Feramisco - Foreword by Peggy Moran Koster - 30 photos, appendix, bibliography, index, 240pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2008 [2003] McFarland - The mummy came to life in the 1940s out of Universal Pictures’ need to produce quick turnaround, low budget “B” movies. Universal produced The Mummy’s Hand, The Mummy’s Tomb, The Mummy’s Ghost, and The Mummy’s Curse (originally The Mummy’s Return) and thus created a popular franchise that is still supported today by a following of loyal fans. (Universal was prompted to produce a remake of its Mummy films in 1999.) This book is devoted entirely to Universal’s Mummy movies of the 1940s. It reveals lost action and dialogue by analyzing scenes that were edited out days before The Mummy’s Hand was released to theaters, treats readers to other dialogue that was filmed and then cut down to almost nothing before being included in the films, and compares and contrasts the original story of The Mummy’s Return to the final shooting script of what was later renamed The Mummy’s Curse. Each of the films has its own chapter, and chapters are also devoted to the actors who played the heroes, heroines, high priests, victims, and mummies in the films, and to the filmmakers who brought the mummies to life. About the Author: Thomas M. Feramisco is a prize winning script writer. He lives in Thousand Oaks, California. 

$45.00 -- Mystery Movie Series of 1940s Hollywood by Ron Backer - 63 photos, bibliography, index 330pp. softcover (7 x 10) Published in 2010 by McFarland.Many of the 20th century’s most celebrated fictional sleuths appeared in Hollywood movie mystery series of the forties. This volume focuses on 19 series (146 films): The Saint, The Lone Wolf, Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, Nick Carter, Michael Shayne, Ellery Queen, Boston Blackie, The Falcon, Mr. District Attorney, Wally Benton, Crime Doctor, The Whistler, Inner Sanctum, Dick Tracy, Philip Marlowe, Jack Packard and Doc Long, Steve Wilson and Lorelei Kilbourne and John J. Malone. For each series, there is an overview of the source material, the individual films, and the performers who acted in them. An overall review of each film is included, with a critique of the film’s quality and the cohesiveness of its plot. For movies based on written works, a comparison between the film and its literary original is offered. About the Author: Ron Backer is an attorney who has previously written for law reviews and other legal publications. An avid fan of both mysteries and movies, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

$35.00 -- Nancy Drew and Her Sister Sleuths - Essays on the Fiction of Girl Detectives - Edited by Michael G. Cornelius and Melanie E. Gregg - 216pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2008 – McFarland - This collection of essays focuses on the girl sleuth, made famous by Nancy Drew but also characterized by other famous detectives like Cherry Ames, Trixie Belden, Linda Carlton, and even in contemporary media by Veronica Mars and Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series. Topics include the disputed origins of Nancy Drew and the Stratemeyer Syndicate; the intertwined relationships between the Syndicate and Nancy Drew’s many ghostwriters; the distinct and evolving textual identities of the Cherry Ames series; the adaptation of the traditional archetype by contemporary girl detectives like Veronica Mars, Lulu Dark, and Ingrid Levin-Hill; and the ways in which Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger, while a central character in the series, is often at odds with the male-centric, fantasy-genre world of Harry Potter himself. About the Author: Award-winning novelist Michael G. Cornelius is the author or editor of numerous books. He serves as chair of the department of English and Mass Communications at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.#Melanie E. Gregg is an associate professor of French at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

$49.95 -- OF GODS AND MONSTERS - by John T. Soister is a critical guide to Universal Studios' science fiction, horror, and mystery films from 1929 to 1939. Each film receives an in-depth essay, a detailed plot synopsis with critical commentary, and filmographic data.  (softcover) 

$39.95 – Not Just Batman’s Butler - The Autobiography of Alan Napier – by Alan Napier with James Bigwood - 91 photos & illustrations, appendices, index, 392pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2015 - In January 1966, Alan Napier became a household name on ABC’s hit series Batman (1966–1968) as Alfred Pennyworth, loyal butler to the show’s title character. This “overnight success” came after 16 years of stage work (and the occasional film) in his native England and 26 years of film and television work (and the occasional play) in the United States. In the early 1970s, Napier wrote an autobiography, detailing his childhood as a “poor relation” of the famous Birmingham political family the Chamberlains (Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was a cousin), and his collaborations over the years with the likes of John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, George Bernard Shaw, Noël Coward, Fritz Lang, Otto Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock. Almost 30 years after Napier’s death, James Bigwood, who first read the manuscript in 1975 when interviewing the actor for a Films in Review profile, has prepared it for publication. This is Alan Napier’s story in his own words, annotated and updated, with dozens of rare photographs. About the co-uthor: James Bigwood has written articles for American Film and American Cinematographer. He is also a television producer whose credits include Being Mary Jane, The Red Road, Mercy, Lipstick Jungle and The Black Donnellys. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Publisher: McFarland

$12.99 -- Pictorial History of Gone With the Wind by Gerald and Harriet Modell Gardner Gardner - A treasury of facts, trivia, memorabilia, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, complete with a full pictorial montage of the film's scenes. Hundreds of photographs and illustrations of the most popular movie ever made. Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.9 x 0.2 inches -Weight: 13.6 ounces - Publisher: 1980 Bonanza Books 

$10.00 -- A Pictorial History of Science-Fiction Films by Jeff Rovin - This book traces, in text and stills, the development of science fiction and fantasy-horror movies, from the 1930s to the 1970s, commenting on outstanding, representative, and popular individual films Includes a chapter on serials. 240 pages - Publisher: Lyle Stuart  - Publish Date: 06/01/1975

$35.00 -- Poverty Row HORRORS! - Monogram, PRC and Republic Horror Films of the Forties by Tom Weaver - Research Associates Michael Brunas and John Brunas - 89 photos, filmographies, appendices, index, 392 pages (1999 / 1993] Poverty row horror films were usually inexpensively (some would say cheaply) produced with writing that ranged from bad to atrocious. Yet these movies with their all-star horror casts (Carradine, Lugosi, Karloff, et al.) and their ape men, mad monsters, devil bats and white zombies still have a loyal audience over 50 years after their release. Essays contain full filmographic data on the 31 horror chillers made by the three studios from 1940 through 1946 and are arranged by year of release. Each entry includes the date of release, length, production credits, cast credits, interview quotes, and a plot synopsis with critical commentary. Filmographies for prominent horror actors and actresses, from John Abbott to George Zucco, are provided in the appendices. About the Author: Tom Weaver lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York, and has been interviewing moviemakers since the early 1980s. The New York Times called him one of the leading scholars in the horror field and USA Today has described him as the king of the monster hunters. Classic Images called him "the best interviewer we have today." He is a frequent contributor to numerous film magazines and has been featured in the prestigious Best American Movie Writing. A frequent DVD audio commentator, he is the author of numerous reference and other nonfiction books about American popular culture. 

$45.00 -- Poverty Row Studios, 1929–1940 -   An Illustrated History of 55 Independent Film Companies, with a Filmography for Each by Michael R. Pitts - 98 photos, index, 542 pages, (6 x 9) 2005 [McFarland] From the beginning of the sound era until the end of the 1930s, independent movie-making thrived. Many of the independent studios were headquartered in a section of Hollywood called "Poverty Row." Here the independents made movies on the cheap, usually at rented facilities where shooting was limited to only a few days. From Allied Pictures Corporation to Willis Kent Production, 55 Poverty Row Studios are given histories in this book. Some of the studios, such as Diversion Pictures and Cresent Pictures, came into existence for the sole purpose of releasing movies by established stars. Others, for example J.D. Kendis, were early exploitation filmmakers under the guise of sex education. The histories include critical commentary on the studio’s output and a filmography of all titles released from 1929 through 1940. About the Author: Michael R. Pitts has authored or coauthored several dozen books on entertainment. He lives in Chesterfield, Indiana. 

$39.95 -- Radio Crime Fighters - More Than 300 Programs from the Golden Age by Jim Cox - 333pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010 [2002] McFarland - In the early days of radio, producers, directors and scriptwriters were well aware of the listening public’s fascination with subject matter tinged with wrongdoing. Stories of right and wrong, crime and punishment, and law and order kept audiences of every age hooked for more than thirty years. This work covers 300+ syndicated radio mystery and adventure serials that aired in the early or middle twentieth century. To be included, a series must have had one or more regularly appearing characters who fought against espionage, theft, murder and other crimes. Each entry includes series name, air dates, sponsor, extant episodes, cast information and synopsis. About the Author Jim Cox, a leading historian of radio programming in the 20th century, is an award-winning author of numerous books about old time radio. A retired college professor, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

$75.00 -- Radio Drama: A Comprehensive Chronicle of American Network Programs, 1932–1962 by Martin Grams, Jr.  -  index, 584pp. softcover (6 x 9 in 2 vols.) 2008 [2000] McFarland - The free-standing radios of the middle decades of the 20th century were invitingly rotund and proudly displayed—nothing like today’s skinny televisions hidden inside “entertainment centers.” Radios were the hub of the family’s after-dinner activities, and children and adults gorged themselves on western-adventure series like “The Lone Ranger,” police dramas such as “Calling All Cars,” and the varied offerings of “The Cavalcade of America.” Shows often aired two or three times a week, and many programs were broadcast for more than a decade, comprising hundreds of episodes. This book includes more than 300 program logs (many appearing in print for the first time) drawn from newspapers, script files in broadcast museums, records from NBC, ABC and CBS, and the personal records of series directors. Each entry contains a short broadcast history that includes directors, writers, and actors, and the broadcast dates and airtimes. A comprehensive index rounds out the work. About the Author: Martin Grams, Jr., has written a number of books on the performing arts. He lives in Delta, Pennsylvania.

$29.95 -- Radio Mystery and Adventure and Its Appearances in Film, Television and Other Media by Jim Harmon - Forewords by Carleton E. Morse, Les Tremayne and Jack Lester - bibliography, appendix, index, 302pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2003 [1992] - From the 1920s to the 1950s, radio was the entertainment source for millions. Two of the primary themes of radio serials were mysteries and adventure. This is a detailed analysis of the important programs in these genres—Jack Armstrong, The Green Hornet, Sergeant Preston, Tom Mix, and more. Each entry includes type of series, broadcast days, air dates, sponsors, network, cast and production credits, and a comprehensive essay. When, as often happened, the series landed in other media, that is examined as well. About the Author: Writer and radio producer Jim Harmon of Burbank, California, has written several books on radio. He wrote, produced, and appeared in a revival of "Tom Mix" in the early 1980s.Other Book by Jim Harmon Available from our fan club and publised by McFarland: The Great Radio Heroes, rev. ed.

$55.00 -- Radio Programs, 1924–1984 - A Catalog of More Than 1800 Shows by Vincent Terrace - 54 photos, appendix, index, 405pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010 [1999] McFarland - This is an encyclopedic reference work to 1,802 radio programs broadcast from the years 1924 through 1984. Entries include casts, character relationships, plots and storylines, announcers, musicians, producers, hosts, starting and ending dates of the programs, networks, running times, production information and, when appropriate, information on the radio show’s adaptation to television. Many hundreds of program openings and closings are included. About the Author: Vincent Terrace has worked as a researcher for ABC television and is the television historian for BPOLIN Productions (an independent film and television producing company for which he has created a projected television series called "April’s Dream"). He has written more than 30 books, many about television and radio. 

$39.95 – The Republic Pictures Checklist by Len D. Martin gives full cast and credits, plot synopses, release dates, alternate titles, chapter titles and awards for all Features, Serials, Cartoons, Short Subjects and Training Films of Republic Pictures Corporation, 1935–1959 - 36 photos, bibliography, appendices, name index, chapter title index, 391 pages, (6 x 9) 2006 [1998]Republic Pictures Corporation, began as a motion picture laboratory in 1915. By 1935, Republic had become a studio and released its first movie, Westward Ho! starring a young John Wayne, who would stay with Republic for the next 17 years. Republic would go on to produce highly successful Westerns starring singing cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as well as serial adventure series. The studio cranked out so many exciting (not to mention money-making) serials that it became known as “The Thrill Factory.” Occasionally, Republic would produce and distribute “A” features, such as Macbeth and The Quiet Man, but it was the “B” Westerns and adventure serials that they knew best how to produce and market. Until its demise in 1959, Republic fed hungry moviegoers with a steady diet of “B” Westerns, serials, dramas, series pictures and musicals. About the Author: The late Len D. Martin lived in Houston, Texas. Other Books by Len D. Martin published by McFarland and available through our fan club are: The Allied Artists Checklist ($39.95) and The Columbia Checklist ($49.95)

$39.95 -- The RKO Features: A Complete Filmography of the Feature Films Released or Produced by RKO Radio Pictures, 1929–1960 by James L. Neibaur = 72 photos, index, 344 pages, (6 x 9) [1994 McFarland] Noted for its “B” westerns, RKO also produced several movie classics; two were Citizen Kane and Gunga Din. Comprehensive filmographic data are included here for all of the studio’s features: title, year of release, production credits, cast, genre, running time, alternate titles, availability on videocassette, and plot synopsis. Many entries give background information on the film’s production and stars. About the Author: James L. Neibaur is a film historian and educator with more than a dozen books and articles in Cineaste, Classic Images, Film Quarterly, Films in Review, Filmfax, and Encyclopædia Britannica.

$39.95 -- RKO Radio Pictures Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films, 1929–1956 by Michael R. Pitts - 111 photos, bibliography, index, 408 pages, (7 x 10) 2015 McFarland King Kong and The Thing from Another World are among the most popular horror and science fiction films of all time and both were made by RKO Radio Pictures. Between 1929 and 1956, RKO released more than 140 genre features, including The Most Dangerous Game, The Phantom of Crestwood, Before Dawn, The Monkey’s Paw, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, You’ll Find Out, The Spiral Staircase, The Enchanted Cottage, It’s a Wonderful Life, Captive Women and Killers from Space. RKO is remembered for its series of psychological horror movies produced by Val Lewton, including Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, The Seventh Victim and The Body Snatcher. The studio also produced films in the adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery and western genres. They released many Walt Disney classics—Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan—as well as several “Tarzan” features. This volume covers these movies in detail with critical and historical analysis, in-depth plot synopsis and numerous contemporary reviews.

19.99 -- Robin Hood - A Cinematic History of the English Outlaw and His Scottish Counterparts by Scott Allen Nollen - 38 photos, filmography, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 269pp. (6 x 9) 2008 [1999] McFarland - From Errol Flynn to Kevin Costner to Daffy Duck, the bandit of Sherwood Forest has gone through a variety of incarnations on the way to becoming a cinematic staple. The historic Robin Hood—actually an amalgam of several outlaws of medieval England — was eventually transformed into the romantic and deadly archer-swordsman who “robbed from the rich to give to the poor.” This image was reinforced by popular literature, song—and film. This volume provides in-depth information on each film based on the immortal hero. In addition, other historical figures such as Scottish rebel-outlaws Rob Roy MacGregor and William Wallace are examined. Nollen also explores nontraditional representations of the legend, such as Frank Sinatra’s Robin and the Seven Hoods and Westerns featuring the Robin Hood motif. A filmography is provided, including production information. The text is highlighted by rare photographs, advertisements, and illustrations. About the Author:
Scott Allen Nollen was educated in film and history at the University of Iowa. He has written and edited more than 40 books on the history of film, literature and music. 

$39.95 -- The Saint: A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television of Leslie Charteris’ Robin Hood of Modern Crime, Simon Templar, 1928–1992 by Burl Barer - 58 photos, index, 431pages, (6 x 9) 2003 [1993] - published by McFarland - The now legendary character created by Leslie Charteris has survived nearly three-quarters of a century of perilous action and narrow escapes with nary a hair out of place nor the slightest jolt to his jauntily tipped halo. From his earliest days battling “crooks, blood suckers, traders in vice and damnation” (and cracking the occasional safe on the side), the Saint has captured the imaginations of millions. Using the voluminous correspondence and writings of author Leslie Charteris and examining the many incarnations of Simon Templar, alias “The Saint,” in other media, a detailed history emerges. Includes plot synopses of the radio and television programs, with air dates and production credits; descriptions of the movies and their credits; a bibliography, reviews of the books, and quotes from the principals.

$10.00 -- SATURDAY MORNING TV - by Gary H. Grossman. This is a large 8½ x 11½ book with 424 pages that covers thirty years of the television programs that at some time in your life you waited all week to watch. Included is a complete year-by-year record of every network show ever aired on Saturday morning, and hundreds of illustrations. Published in 1981 by Dell Publishing Co.

$75.00 -- Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century - A Biographical Dictionary by Jane Frank - 
appendices, index, 534 pages (7 x 10) [2009 McFarland] This biographical dictionary presents full information on 400 artists whose influence and illustrative contributions to the fields of science fiction and fantasy literature helped define the 20th century as the “Science Fiction Century” and helped established science fiction and fantasy as unique and identifiable genres. In addition to providing inclusive biographical data on venerable artists from Chris Achilleos to John Michael Zeleznik, each entry also includes a bibliographic listing of each artist’s published work in the genre. About the Author: Jane Frank is a collector, author, and private art dealer specializing in science fiction and fantasy illustration art. She currently runs Worlds of Wonder, an art agency dedicated to gaining further exposure for the art and the artists associated with the fields of science fiction and fantasy, and lives in McLean, Virginia. 

$10.00 -- Science Fiction and Horror Movie Posters in Full Color by Alan Adler - Publisher: Dover Books - Publish Date: 03/01/1977 - Large, full-color posters for 46 films including King Kong, Godzilla, The Illustrated Man, and more. A bug-eyed bonanza of heroes, heroines, monsters, and assorted other creatures. Description: 14.25 H x 0.25 D x 10.25 W inches 0.70 lbs.

$10.00 -- The Science Fiction Collector's Catalog by Jeff Rovin - A collector's guide aand histroical overview of the subject - covers posters, films, comic books, record albums. It includes 150 photos including an eiight page color section - 192 pages - 8½ x 11 - Publisher: A S Barnes & Co, - Publish Date: 09/01/1982

$35.00 -- Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film Sequels, Series and Remakes - An Illustrated Filmography with Plot Synopses and Critical Commentary, Volume I by Kim R. Holston and Tom Winchester - Foreword by Ingrid Pitt - 101 photos, bibliography, index, 607pp. softcover (6 x 9) [1997 McFarland] Science fiction, fantasy and horror films have spawned more sequels than any other film genre. While the perhaps overly familiar Dracula and Frankenstein have inspired dozens of additional films, such movies as Quatermass and Francis have also produced several sequels. 
More than 400 horror, science fiction and fantasy films are analyzed in this comprehensive reference to the genre’s sequels, series and remakes. Filmographies are given for each film, providing year of release, studio, running time, cast and credits. This is followed by a plot synopsis, reviews of the work, and a critical analysis.

SCIENCE FICTION, HORROR & FANTASY FILM AND TELEVISION CREDITS - two volumes and two supplements published by McFarland & Company
Volume 1 (1983) - $115.00
Volume 2 (1983) - $115.00
Volume 3 (2001) - $75.00
Three Volume Set - $195.00

$49.95 -- Science Fiction Television Series - Episode Guides, Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime-Time Shows, 1959 through 1989 by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia - Foreword by Kenneth Johnson - 127 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 707pp. softcover (7 x 10 in 2 vols.) 2006 [1996] Whether rocketing to other worlds or galloping through time, science fiction television has often featured the best of the medium. The genre’s broad appeal allows youngsters to enjoy fantastic premises and far out stories, while offering adults a sublime way to view the human experience in a dramatic perspective. From Alien Nation to World of Giants, this reference work provides comprehensive episode guides and cast and production credits for 62 science fiction series that were aired from 1959 through 1989. For each episode, a brief synopsis is given, along with the writer and director of the show and the guest cast. Using extensive research and interviews with writers, directors, actors, stuntmen and many of the show’s creators, an essay about each of the shows is also provided, covering such issues as its genesis and its network and syndication histories.

$30.00 – Science Fiction Television Series, 1990–2004 - Histories, Casts and Credits for 58 Shows by Frank Garcia and Mark Phillips - Foreword by Brad Wright - 38 photos, appendices, bibliographies, index, 431pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2012 [2009] This is a detailed examination of 58 science fiction television series produced between 1990 and 2004, from the popular The X-Files to the many worlds of Star Trek (The Next Generation onward), as well as Andromeda, Babylon 5, Firefly, Quantum Leap, Stargate Atlantis and SG-I, among others. A chapter on each series includes essential production information; a history of the series; critical commentary; and amusing, often provocative interviews with overall more than 150 of the creators, actors, writers and directors. The book also offers updates on each series’ regular cast members, along with several photographs and a bibliography. Fully indexed..

About the Authors: Mark Phillips is a Canadian correspondent for the New York-based magazine Starlog. He has written for Cinefantastique, Filmfax, Outre and Britain’s TV Zone and lives in Victoria, British Columbia. #Frank Garcia is a science fiction media journalist whose work has appeared in Cinefantastique, Filmfax, Starlog, Video Watchdog and other publications. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

$8.00 -- Scream Queens: Heroines of the Horrors by Calvin Thomas Beck - This 344 page book covers women's great contributions to the horror and science fiction films from the turn of the century to 1977. Included are hundreds of rare photographs: Fay Wray, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Shelly Winters, and dozens more. Published in 1978 by Collier Macmillan.

$92.00 --  Screen Gems: A History of Columbia Pictures Television from Cohn to Coke, 1948-1983 -  Hardcover -  Publisher: Scarecrow Press (1991) Features a lengthy and detailed corporate history of the studio, which began as an obscure producer of TV commercials. It rapidly evolved into a leader in program packaging, music publishing, audience studies, and TV broadcasting. Includes a program chronology listing the premiere and cancellation dates of every production. Description: 371 pages, 8.75 H x 1.25 D x 6.25 W inches 1 1/2 lbs. - Supplier:    Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc

$5.00 -- Sherlock Holmes, Esq., and John H. Watson, M.D: An Encyclopaedia of Their Affairs – by Orlando Park - This is a detailed guide to the fifty-six stories and four novels that make up the Sherlock Holmes "cannon". It contains over 200 pages and was first published in 1962 by Northwestern University Press. This edition was published in 1981 by The Citadel Press.

$25.00 -- SPACE PATROL - Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television - by Jean-Noel Bassior - 218 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 448 pages. softcover (7 x 10) 2012 [2005] Before Star Trek, there was Space Patrol. Science fiction television has its roots in this live, action-packed series that captured the imagination of Americans from 1950 to 1955, when space travel was just a dream. This book explores the freewheeling spirit of live TV, where anything could go wrong before millions of viewers—and often did. It spotlights (often in personal interviews) the risk-taking Space Patrol cast and crew who laid vital groundwork for television today. Included are episode logs for both television and radio shows as well as a complete guide to Space Patrol memorabilia. About the Author: Jean-Noel Bassior is a journalist based in Los Angeles. She has written for Redbook, McCall’s, Parade, AARP The Magazine, Woman’s World and many other publications, and her work has been syndicated worldwide.                                                                                                             

$49.95 -- STAR TREK ANNOTATED GUIDE - by Susan Gibberman (445 page hardcover) to resources on the development, the phenomenon, the people, the television series, the films, the novels, and the recordings. Published 1991 by McFarland

$10.00 -- STUNT FLYING IN THE MOVIES - by Jim and Maxine Greenwood. This 256 page cloth bound hardcover includes 207 illustrations. It is an entertaining look at the exciting world of Hollywood aviation, from the earliest days of the cinema to the present era of incredible flying feats. Wings, The Great Air Robbery, Hell's Angels, The Dawn Patrol, Pancho Barnes, Howard Hughes, to James Bond, Black Sheep Squadron, and more is covered. Published in 1982 by Tab Books.
Price reduced to $10.00

$35.00 -- Susan Hayward: Her Films and Life by Kim R. Holston - photos, chronology, filmography, notes, bibliography, index, 256pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2009 [2002] This biography of Susan Hayward, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies of the 1940s and 1950s, covers her childhood, school years, early modeling career, and development as an actress. It also documents her personal life, including her marriages and attempted suicide, and her illness and death at the age of 56. It provides an analysis of each of her feature films with comments from contemporary reviewers, and places Hayward and her films in the context of Hollywood and motion picture history. The filmography gives cast and production credits for both motion pictures and television movies. About the Author: Kim R. Holston has also written or cowritten several books for McFarland. He is a part-time multimedia librarian at Chester County Library in Exton, Pennsylvania.

$35.00 -- Syndicated Television - The First Forty Years, 1947–1987 by Hal Erickson - bibliography, index, 432 pages, (6 x 9) [1989 McFarland] Here is an excellent reference book on “first run” syndication—the distribution of programs either made exclusively for non-network play, or of programs intended for network telecasts but ultimately making their debuts in syndication. Bringing together information not easily found, this work covers the classics such as Sea Hunt, Highway Patrol, The Merv Griffin Show and the Muppet Show, as well as such once-popular but now obscure productions as China Smith, Ripcord and The Littlest Hobo. Coverage goes back to 1947 and the book includes a number of series ignored in other works. The first section is an overview of the concept of syndication from its earliest application in the newspaper world to the attempt by Fox Television to become a fourth network. The next four sections each cover ten years of syndication, listing the shows (with full background—who produced them and why, who liked them and why, etc.) alphabetically by title under the following genres: Adventure/Mystery, Children’s, Comedy, Drama, Game/Quiz, Informational, Music/Variety, Religious, Sports, Talk/Interview, Travel/Documentary, Westerns, and Women’s.

$29.95 – Tarzan, Jungle King of Popular Culture by David Lemmo - 65 photos, notes, bibliography, index, 236pp (6 x 9) 2017, McFarland - From his first appearance in 1912, Tarzan became a multimedia franchise whose cultural influence extended well beyond mere entertainment. The original 20th century superhero, the Lord of the Apes was the inspiration behind such early archetypes as The Shadow and Doc Savage, themselves the basis for heroes like Batman and Superman. Long before Comic-Cons and Trekkies, the first Tarzan fan club was formed in America in 1916, pioneering the fandom movement that pervades modern pop culture. This book examines Tarzan in his various media representations—hunter, warrior, secret agent, fighter of communists and Nazis—and in his numerous story arcs, including crossover adventures featuring historical characters like Arthur Conan Doyle and Nikola Tesla. About the Author: David Lemmo is a veteran of three decades in the antiquarian books business. Some of his specialties included Edgar Rice Burroughs, pop culture, and comic books. In 2011, he helped create the North Coast Mangani, a chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. He lives in Paradise, California.

$35.00 -- The Tarzan Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs - An Illustrated Reader’s Guide by David A. Ullery - photos, index, 304pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2001 McFarland - Those who recognize that the original Tarzan is a literary creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs understand that the exploits of Tarzan are best explored through the magical medium of the printed word. Readers can experience a journey that lasts through 24 books and wanders not only into the jungle depths but farther down through the Earth’s crust into the savage prehistoric land of Pellucidar. Also covered is the long out of print The Tarzan Twins as well as the recent Tarzan, the Lost Adventure and The Eternal Savage. This book serves as a literary guide to all the Tarzan novels. Section One provides an overview of Tarzan the character, including a list of the many names and titles used by and given to Tarzan; Section Two covers the mythical language used in the novels, including a dictionary of the ape language; Section Three enumerates the lost cities, civilizations, tribes, peoples and religions discovered by Tarzan, detailing their religious rites and locations; Section Four describes the characters (human and otherwise) found in the novels; and Section Five gives summaries of all 24 books that comprise the Burroughs canon. The book also includes over thirty illustrations from the series’ various printings. About the Author: David A. Ullery is a writer and illustrator living in Payson, Utah.

$4.00 -- Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe - Publisher: Lyle Stuart (1968) Reviews the production history of forty Tarzan films and profiles the fourteen actors who have played the role of the Apeman - 208 pages.

$35.00 -- The Teenage Tarzan - A Literary Analysis of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Stan Galloway - Foreword by James Gunn - 22 photos, notes, bibliography, index, 275pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2010 McFarland - Following the 1912 publication of his wildly successful Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs authored four bestselling sequels in quick succession. In 1916, he decided to go back and recount selected adventures from Tarzan’s teenage years. The result was Jungle Tales of Tarzan, a dozen short stories bearing such titles as “Tarzan’s First Love” and “Tarzan Rescues the Moon” and which chronicle the events preceding the youthful hero’s ascension to “King of the Jungle.” The adolescent phase of the character is the primary focus of this detailed analysis. The context, themes, motifs, and stylistic techniques of Jungle Tales of Tarzan are all fully explored, as well as the property’s literary antecedents and its links to the various comic book and film adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most celebrated and enduring creation. About the Author: Stan Galloway has written several articles for The Burroughs Bulletin and has given presentations about Tarzan throughout the United States. He teaches literature at Bridgewater College in Virginia. 

$15.00 -- Television, 1970-1980 by Vincent Terrace - This cross-referenced compendium of television programming from 1970 to 1980 lists 1,356 series, 516 pilot films, and 425 variety specials and lists casts, credits, and other details. More than 150 illustrations on the 322 pages of this 8 1/2 x 11 book. Publisher: A S Barnes & Co Publish Date: 11/01/1987

$75.00 -- TELEVISION CHARACTER AND STORY FACTS - by Vincent Terrace is a 512 page large 8½ x 11½ hardcover book (includes 104 photographs) covers 1,008 shows seen between 1945 and 1992. Each entry includes principal cast network broadcast dates, and more. Published 1993 by McFarland

$4.00 -- THE THREE STOOGES BOOK OF SCRIPTS - by Joan Howard Maurer - Traces the career of the Three Stooges comedy team and examines the scripts for three of their movies, This book was published by Citadel Press in 1984.

$4.00 -- THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK - by Jeff Lendburg, Joan Howard Maurer, and Greg Lendburg is a treasure chest with hundreds of illustrations of the stooges and the people associated with them. This 288 page book was published by Citadel Press

$5.00 -- TV Detectives by Richard Meyers - Chronologically, from 11947 to 1980, this book covers 270 mystery series and made for television mystery movies. This 352 page 7x10" book includes 127 photographs. Published in 1981 by A.S. Barnes.

$5.00 -- THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION. The complete show-by-show guide to one of the greatest television series ever by Marc Scott Zicree - Published in 1982 by Bantam Books

$55.00 -- Universal Horrors: The Studio’s Classic Films, 1931–1946, 2d ed. - by Tom Weaver, Michael Brunas and John Brunas - 208 photos, appendices, index, 616 pages, hardcover (7 x 10) 2007 McFarland - Revised and updated since its first publication in 1990, this acclaimed critical survey covers the classic chillers produced by Universal Studios during the golden age of hollywood horror, 1931 through 1946. Trekking boldly through haunts and horrors from The Frankenstein Monster, The Wolf Man, Count Dracula, and The Invisible Man, to The Mummy, Paula the Ape Woman, The Creeper, and The Inner Sanctum, the authors offer a definitive study of the 86 films produced during this era and present a general overview of the period. Coverage of the films includes complete cast lists, credits, storyline, behind-the-scenes information, production history, critical analysis, and commentary from the cast and crew (much of it drawn from interviews by Tom Weaver, whom USA Today calls “the king of the monster hunters”). Unique to this edition are a new selection of photographs and poster reproductions and an appendix listing additional films of interest.

$25.00 -- THE VANISHING LEGION - A HISTORY OF MASCOT PICTURES 927 TO 1935 - by Jon Tuska is a 230 page paperback book containing a complete historical account of Mascott and includes a critical treatment of every feature and every serial produced by the company during its nine years of operation. Stars - Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Ken Maynard, John Wayne and Yakima Canutt -- and stories -- The Phantom Empire, The Miracle Rider, Shadow of the Eagle -- fill this absorbing work. Published in 1982 by McFarland & company

$55.00 -- Vitaphone Films: A Catalogue of the Features and Shorts by Roy Liebman - 163 photos, appendices, bibliography, index, 463pp. McFarland softcover (8.5 x 11) 2010 [2003] The headline of the Variety extra on October 27, 1926, proclaimed “Vitaphone1 Thrills L.A.!” Vitaphone, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. formed in association with Western Electric, was one of the major producers of talkies, even though its sound-on-disc technology barely lasted four years. The Vitaphone features and shorts that have survived intact, or that have been so carefully restored, preserve much of the show business history that might otherwise have been lost with the industry’s fast-paced advances in movie making. This book is a catalogue of Vitaphone features and shorts. The first section lists the features and shorts by release number. The New York productions (1926–1940) are listed first, followed by the West Coast productions (1927–1970). For shorts, the following particulars, if known and if applicable, are given: title, alternate title(s), instrumental and vocal selections performed on screen, composer(s) and performers of instrumental and vocal selections, release date and synopsis of the film, names of major cast members and directors, set information if two or fewer sets were used, and the amount paid to early performers. For features, entries list release dates, genre, and major cast members. The section on performers includes only those who appeared in shorts, listing dates and places of birth when known. About the Author: Roy Liebman, formerly a librarian and film bibliographer at California State University, works at the Los Angeles Public Library. He is the author of several reference books on the cinema, published by McFarland. A book reviewer for Library Journal and Magill Online Reviews, he lives in California.

$45.00 -- Vixens, Floozies and Molls - 28 Actresses of Late 1920s and 1930s Hollywood by Hans J. Wollstein - 56 photos, filmographies, bibliography, index, 284 oages, (7 x 10) 2005 [McFarland] The floozy, the gangster’s moll, the nasty debutante: Most Hollywood actresses played at least one of these bad girls in the 1930s. Since censorship customarily demanded that goodness prevail, vixens were in mainly supporting roles—but the actresses who played them were often colorful scene stealers. These characters and the women who played them first began to appear in film in 1915 when Theda Bara played home-wrecker Elsie Drummond in The Vixen. Movie theaters filled and the industry focused on heaving bosoms and ceaseless lust. Bara never shed the vamp image. The type evolved into the flapper, the gangster’s moll, the “dame,” and the “bad girl.” This work covers the lives and careers of 28 actresses, providing details about their lives and giving complete filmographies of their careers. About the Author: Hans J. Wollstein has appeared as an actor on screen and in television in Denmark, Germany and the United States. Retired from performing, he now lives in his native Copenhagen. 

$29.95 -- The W.C. Fields Films by James L. Neibaur -  50 photos, notes, bibliography, index, (6 x 9) 2017, McFarland - Not Yet Published, Available 1/2017 - W.C. Fields was one of the top comedians during Hollywood’s Golden Era of the 1930s and 1940s and has since remained a comic icon. Despite his character’s misanthropic, child-hating, alcoholic tendencies, his performances were enduringly popular and Fields became personally defined by them. This critical study of his work provides commentary and background on each of his films, from the early silents through the cameos near the end of his life, with fresh appraisals of his well known classics. Pictures once believed to be lost that have been discovered and restored are discussed, and new information is given on some that remain lost. About the Author: James L. Neibaur is a film historian and educator with more than a dozen books and articles in Cineaste, Classic Images, Film Quarterly, Films in Review, Filmfax, and Encyclopædia Britannica. 

$10.00 -- 
Wicked Women of the Screen by David Quinlan  (1987) A survey of those actresses famous for playing the "wicked women" of the screen. The book covers Bette Davis, Joan Collins, Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich and many others. David Quinlan describes their lives and their careers and there are full filmographies. Supplier: Random House Value Pubublications

Women In Horror Films by Gregory William Mank
Volume #1 1930s (408 pages)  .................................................................................................................... $45.00
Volume #2 1940s (392 pages)  .................................................................................................................... $45.00
Two Volume Set ......................................................................................................................................... $75.00

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$14.99 – Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet (Paperback) by Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman, Ty Templeton, Jon Bogdanove, Vincente Cifuentes - Publisher: DC Comics Publish Date: 12/01/2015 = In 1967, television history was made when two masked crime fighters met in a historic crossover. Now, superstar filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor/comedian Ralph Garman join forces with artist Ty Templeton (BATMAN '66) to bring these two iconic characters and their famous partners together again. Set in the continuity of that earlier team-up, Batman, The Green Hornet, Robin and Kato must go up against a very different General (formerly Colonel) Gumm. What crime could be so deadly as to force these rivals to put aside their differences and join forces again? And what surprise does Gumm have up his sticky sleeve? Collects Batman '66/Green Hornet #1-6. Hardcover is also available for $22.99 -Source: BT

$49.99 – The Green Hornet: Golden Age Remastered (Hardcover) by Dynamite Entertainment – 07/19/2011 - Feel the sting of the Green Hornet! To accompany their line of new and thrilling Green Hornet comic book adventures, Dynamite Entertainment also released a new series of Golden Age reprints featuring the classic adventures of the original Green Hornet! Each issue of this series of classic Hornet material featured stories inspired by the works of Green Hornet creator Fran Striker and were completely re-mastered for today's discerning reader and collector. Dynamite also commissioned Joe Rubenstein to create brand-new covers, inspired by the Golden Age comics of yesteryear - each featured here in a complete cover gallery. - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributors / b&t

$19.99 – The Green Hornet: Parallel Lives (Paperback) by Jai Nitz, and Nigel Raynor - Official prelude to the 2010 movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as the Green Hornet and Kato! How does one man's actions affect another man's? Either purposely, or inadvertently. Or is it just destiny? This series shows how Britt Reid's actions lead to Kato coming in contact with the Green Hornet and the pair becoming the Green Hornet and Kato. - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributors – BT - Copyright Year: 2010

$18.95 – The Green Hornet Casefiles (Paperback) by Joe Gentile, Win Scott Eckert - Publisher: Moonstone - Publish Date: 09/27/2011 - The long-awaited return of the Green Hornet and Kato and their rolling arsenal the Black Beauty! Back again with all-new stories! Moonstone is proud to present The Green Hornet Casefiles, a second anthology featuring all-new, original crime fiction tales of the man who hunts the biggest of all game - public enemies that even the FBI can't reach! It's the mid 1960's, the political climate is shaky, there's civil unrest, freedom and equality issues erupt everywhere from film to music to out in the streets. On police records, The Green Hornet is actually a wanted criminal, a master manipulator, a crime boss who has his fingers in every pie. In reality, The Green Hornet is actually Britt Reid, owner-publisher of the Daily Sentinel. Alongside him rides his partner Kato, who's not only a martial artist of unsurpassed prowess, but a skilled driver, and educated engineer as well. Their goal: to destroy crime from within by posing as criminals themselves! - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributors

$14.95 – The Green Hornet Street Car Disaster (Paperback) by Craig Allen Cleve - Publisher: Northern Illinois Univ Press - Publish Date: 06/30/2015 - As rush hour came to a close on the evening of May 25, 1950, one of Chicago’s new fast, colorful, streamlined streetcars—known as a Green Hornet—slammed into a gas truck at State Street and 62nd Place. The Hornet’s motorman allegedly failed to heed the warnings of a flagger attempting to route it around a flooded underpass, and the trolley, packed with commuters on their way home, barreled into eight thousand gallons of gasoline. The gas erupted into flames, poured onto State Street, and quickly engulfed the Hornet, shooting flames two hundred and fifty feet into the air. More than half of the passengers escaped the inferno through the rear window, but thirty-three others perished, trapped in front of the streetcar’s back door, which failed to stay open in the ensuing panic. It was Chicago’s worst traffic accident ever—and the worst two-vehicle traffic accident in U.S. history.Unearthing a forgotten chapter in Chicago lore, The Green Hornet Streetcar Disaster tells the riveting tale of this calamity. Combing through newspaper accounts as well as the Chicago Transit Authority’s official archives, Craig Cleve vividly brings to life this horrific catastrophe. Going beyond the historical record, he tracks down individuals who were present on that fateful day on State and 62nd: eyewitnesses, journalists, even survivors whose lives were forever changed by the accident. Weaving these sources together, Cleve reveals the remarkable combination of natural events, human error, and mechanical failure that led to the disaster, and this moving history recounts them—as well as the conflagration’s human drama—in gripping detail.

$29.99 – The Green Hornet Strikes 1 (Paperback) by Brett Matthews, Ariel Padilla, Giovanna Guimaraes, Marcelo Pinto - Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment - Publish Date: 12/10/2013 - Edition/Volume: Vol.1 – A hero? A criminal? He doesn't even know, himself! In a near future where the financial crisis never resolved, Chicago is more corrupt than ever. The rich are few and wield unimaginable power and influence. The poor are countless and live without hope. Gangs vie for control of the streets. Heroes have long been forgotten... until now! Witness the birth of a new Green Hornet in The Green Hornet Strikes, from writer Brett (The Lone Ranger) Matthews and artist Ariel Padilla. Collects issues #1-6, along with a complete cover gallery featuring the covers of artist John Cassaday. - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributor

$19.99 – The Green Hornet Year 1 1: The Sting of Justice (Paperback) by Matt Wagner, Aaron Campbell, Francesca Francavilla, Simon Bowland, Alex Ross - Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment - Publish Date: 11/16/2010 - The Green Hornet expansion continues as Dynamite presents the original tales of comics most iconic hero! And Matt Wagner, one of the most creative creators in comics, takes the reins, bringing the characters to their basic roots. Joining Wagner is artist Aaron (Sherlock Holmes) Campbell, whose stunning recreation of the industrial world of 30s Chicago is sure to wow fans across the globe. Reprinting issues #1-6, along with a complete cover gallery. - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributors

$19.99 – The Shadow / Green Hornet 1: Dark Nights (Paperback) by Michael Uslan, Keith Burns - Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment - Publish Date: 03/18/2014 - An unstoppable power will plunge the world into darkness... unless the crime-fighting icons known as The Shadow, The Green Hornet, and Kato can stop it! When an invention capable of harnessing elemental forces falls into the hands of the maniacal Shiwan Khan, The Shadow races against time to prevent the utter destruction of all America's vital industries and financial institutions. To that end, he enlists The Green Hornet, a crusader masquerading as a crimelord, to infiltrate Shiwan's organization of saboteurs. Will the masked heroes prevent Khan's deadly plot to shatter a nation? - Supplier: Diamond Comic Distributors

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